Free WOF Check For Life

We like to think and act a bit different here at Courtesy Ford, which is why we began offering free WOF checks with our vehicles. 

It's simple: buy a new or used vehicle from one of our 2 dealerships -- Palmerston North or Feilding -- and enjoy free Warrant of Fitness checks for the life of the vehicle.

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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the "Free W.O.F.Check for Life” offered by Courtesy Ford.

  1. The offer applies to New and Used vehicles purchased from Courtesy Ford on or after 1st February 2013 and is not transferrable to any other vehicle.
  2. The offer applies only to retail sales and excludes all Trade Me / Auction Sales.
  3. The Warrant of Fitness (W.O.F.) check must be carried out by a branch of Courtesy Ford (Palmerston North, Levin or Feilding).
  4. We will not agree to any other Service Centre or Warrant of Fitness agent providing this service, or charging us for it.
  5. The offer does NOT cover the cost of any repairs required as a result of the check.
  6. The offer is for the life of the vehicle concerned, and will be transferred to any new owner.
  7. Normal trading and other conditions may apply.
  8. This offer is only valid while Courtesy Ford remains a certified Warrant of Fitness Issuing Authority.


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