Drive Your Career Forward With Courtesy Ford Manawatu

Position: Marketing and IT Specialist

Start Date: ~December 17 2017


This is an engaging and dynamic hybrid role at New Zealand’s largest independent Ford Dealership, Courtesy Ford Palmerston North. It is most suitable for a recent graduate or someone with marketing or IT experience looking to branch into another field and learn the basics of a new discipline.

For simplicity I will break the role into its two main areas:

  • Marketing

This half of the role includes duties such as administrating digital advertising, website upkeep, basic photo editing, administration of newspaper advertising, email marketing, and light analytics. You will work closely with departmental managers to implement their vision for communications.

Successful applicants will most likely have some Photoshop/Adobe Creative Suite experience, a firm grasp on engaging and succinct copywriting, a creative mindset and experience with managing a website.

  • IT

The IT component to this role is best described as ‘Sysadmin lite’ – server and computer maintenance, troubleshooting of company devices, networking, acquisition of new equipment, and network security.

Successful applicants must be technologically literate, familiar with the basics of networking, and able to form (and experiment with) solutions to sometimes bewildering IT problems.


To apply, please send succinct CVs (with a cover letter) to

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