5-Year Warranties and 3-Year Service Plans

5-Year Warranties and 3-Year Service Plans

We're not going to waste your time waxing poetic about the return of Spring or chat about the rains sure to soak the Manawatu in the coming months. No, we've got a good deal on, and you want to hear about it.

Firstly, we've reduced prices on the following new vehicles:

And secondly, purchase any of these vehicles before the 31st of October and enjoy a hearty 5-Year Warranty and 3-Year (or 60,000kms) Service Plan. 2022 is a long way off yet, and we reckon that having peace of mind for 5 years is worth promoting.

Interested? Get in touch, take a car out for a test drive, and fall in love -- it is Spring, after all.

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